Friday, September 1, 2017

Library Magic Show

    On Thursday-31-August the Bogota Public Library celebrated the finishing of this Summer reading series "Build a Better World" with a magic Show by Magic Jim. This was a construction themed magic show using work based product as a focus of the evening. Magic Jim  had cans of glue and screws change places just by  having the Audience say "Build a Better World" together.  Along with the head of  a construction worker reappearing on his head, and pictures of famous buildings transform into the photo that was picked by a Student from the audience. Magic Jim chose a number of Student to assist him as along as they sat quietly and raised their hands politely. The Students help him finished his trick...and  then helped him with another.  For Magic Jim's final trick he asked Children's Program Director Tom Skrnich to help him take an empty sack and pull out a large banner with the smiling faces of Children who are making a better world with the power of reading.

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