Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Board of Education

13-September- 2017
   On Tuesday-12-September the Bogota Board of Education held its first meeting for the month of September. In his opening comments Superintendent Dr. Vincent Varcadipane mention that preliminary test results show an improvement of the Biology scores for the High School with the official results to be published later. He also address the final work that still need to done on some of the Summer projects. The pads with the lettering on them are on order, the basic black pads are in use for safety. The weight room is still undergoing refurbishing, and the the cap stones, fencing and fixtures for the outside recreation area should be starting to be installed shortly. Superintendent Varcadipane also said that the work on the lentils at Bixby School should begin within the month. When work officially starts there will be a plan to reduce the disruption of class work as much as possible. In an additional statement Superintendent Varcadipane thanked the Facility, Staff, Parents, and Students for the smooth opening of the 2017-18 school year at the beginning of the month.
  The agenda items were passed and will be moved forward to be part of the consent agenda  which will be voted on at the next board meeting.
   The only major change announced was that " Back to School" night for the High School will be moved back one week to Thursday-5-October. This means Thursday -28-September will be a full day. and Thursday-5-October will be a half day.
   The next will be held on Tuesday-19-September. This will take place in the Bogota High School  Cafeteria starting at 7:30p. This is open to the public. The Cafeteria is located on the second floor at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ

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