Monday, September 25, 2017

Bogota Soccer Bucs

   On Saturday-23-September the Bogota Buccaneer Soccer team played Ridgefield in Olsen Park. The Royals scored the first goals of the game, and Bogota took one back to be trailing 1-3 at the half. After the restart the Bucs  switch goaltenders and started to push their offense forward. While  it resulted in Bogota recording  their first 3 goal game of the season, Ridgefield was able to score three more of their own to hand Bogota a 3-6 loss.  Ali Salam, Colin McDonnell, and Jhonan Garcia scored the Bucs goals. They now have a record of 0-6. They next play on Tuesday-26-September against Cresskill. This will be played in Olsen Park with a 4:00p Kick-off time.

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