Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bogota Football Bucs

   On Friday-8-September the Bogota Football Bucs opened their 2017 season with a night game at Feigel Field. Bogota hosted Weehawken with former coach Nick DeStefano. Before the opening kick-off  the players and attendees first held a moment silence to remember the victims of September-11-2001. Then continue stand to honour the passing of longtime Bogota Sports supporter Patty Brickley and Bogota Alumni Robert Brickley who passed away earlier this year.
    The Bucs took the lead in the first quater on a Touchdown pass by Andrew Miller to  Emilio Briones for the major score. Bogota could not convert the extra point and held a 6-0 lead after the first 12 minutes. Weehawken would go ahead in the second quater with a touchdown and one point conversion. Bogota would trail at halftime 6-7. After the restart The Indians would take the opening  kick-off drive down the field. Added by two large Bogota penalties Weehawken would score again, and have a seven point lead.  In the final quater Bogota would retake the lead on the second touch pass by Mr. Miller again to Mr Briones. The two would then complete the two point conversion to give Bogota a 14-13 lead. Weehawken would score the winning touch  on a pass from Jimmy Lopez to Miguel Rosado. The Mr Lopez would convert the extra two points for a 21-14 lead. A late Indian interception would seal the win for Weehawken.
     Bogota's next game will be Friday-15- September aqt Wood-Ridge with a kick-off scheduled for 7:00p

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