Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Puerto Rico Relief

   The Mayor and  Borough Council of Bogota has started a food drive to aid the victims of Hurricane that has affected the Island of Puerto Rico. They will be collecting dry, or canned food products. They will also be collecting household, and emergency supplies. They asked that no clothing items be donated at this time. Along with the food items including bottled water. Other items of need are First-aid kits, Flashlight and all size batteries. Items for newborns, and toddlers such as baby food & formula, diapers,  and wipes. Personal hygiene item included mosquito repellant, toothbrushes and paste,  deodorant, soap, and shampoos. 
   Shipping of these supplies will be assisted by the Office of the Governor of New York State, so there is no need for financial assistance. The greater need is for hard supplies to aid those affected by the hurricane and it's aftermath.  
   They maybe dropped off at the Bogota Police Dept. Headquarters from now until Friday-6-October. For more information please call the numbers on the attached flyer.

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