Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Board of Education

   On Tuesday-20-September the Bogota Board of Education held its second meeting for the month of September. In his opening comments Superintendent Dr. Vincent Varcadipane mention talked about his growing frustration with the slowing down of progress on a number of High School project.  He said there has been an unnecessary delay in the adding the fencing around the outside recreation area. He mentioned items that were in the original description of the work that was contacted for are now under discussion.  Another was the sudden need for fixed bollards near the emergency generator.  In Superintendent Varcadipane opinion this is an unnecessary additional cost due to the fact any such item will need to be remove for the reconstruction of the planned front driveway. Superintendent Varcadipane also talked about the benches to be added to the outside area. He is looking into a lightweight, inexpensive, PVC bench so that it can be easily moved and stored away in the Winter months so that the back area can be plowed for snow fall.
    Some of the agenda approved was the hiring of Petro Tsyrka as the new Custodial in the District. The creation of an online store , on the Board of Education website that will sale licensed Bogota  "spirit wear" as well as school uniforms. Along with a new contract with the Bogota Educational Association.  The Board also approved a change in times for the Board of Education meeting. The new starting time will be 7:00p beginning with the  next meeting on Tuesday-10-October.
  One last item was when Board President Charles Severino asked the other trustees for ideas to be included for the next joint Borough Council/ Board of Education meeting. Some ideas that were discussed was funding for building construction in order to expanded the special needs program within the district. Superintendent Varcadipane added that the more services that can be provided in district the less of a cost the taxpayers there will be.  He stated that one of the main reason for not doing more within the district is lack of space in the current building. Another idea was to move forward on a proposed grant funding  for a new sports complex at Fiegel Field and Olsen Park.  The trustees expressed the need for speediance for this project so that budgeting can be done in a timely matter. One other thought was for additional crossing guards or uniform officers at all three schools, with a new  guard in front of the High School at Palisades Ave. It was explained that the crossing guard are under the jurisdiction of the Bogota Police, and would have to addressed to them.   
   The next will be held on Tuesday-10-October. This will take place in the Bogota High School  Cafeteria starting at 7:00p. This is open to the public. The Cafeteria is located on the second floor at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ

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