Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bogota Beautiful

  On Wednesday-20-September Bogota Beautiful held their monthly board meeting. Much of the first half of the meeting was devoted to recapping the Bogota Block Party on 9-September. Chairperson Amaru Bustamante was please with the turn-out, and the joint effort by Bogota Beautiful and Bogart Church to host a community event like this. He and the other board members, along with others in attendance, starting to plan how to make improvements to the next Block Party. Their first concern was publicity, between the events page on Bogota Blog NJ,  the sign board at Valley Bank, emailing, and a few posters they set-out, Chairperson Bustamante expressed the need to be more proactive by the members of Bogota Beautiful. Some ideas were producing and distributing more flyers, and the creation of a sign board at the community garden to advertise Bogota Beautiful events. Another point made was the need to stress idea that anyone attending the Block Party needs to contribute a food item, of enlist local business to donate food and other supplies. 
   The next agenda item Community Garden Chairperson  Nancy Guaman said she was  stepping and will be replaced by  Joseph Baldacci. Ms Guaman will still be an active board member. It was also announced that there an open seat on the community garden board. For information on how to apply for this position please contact them at:
    Some new  events  that were announced was participation in an Arts Bergen Community Project. This will be similar to the painting of unity boxes in Hackensack. There will be more information about this project at a later date. Vice Chairperson Isabel Bustamante announced the formation of a committee to expand the sidewalk planters to other parts of Bogota.  A number of attendees volunteered to work on this to find locations, and to acquire funding for needed supplies. Also it was announced that the Borough of Bogota will again have a Fall Festival schedule for Saturday-28-October. Bogota Beautiful has again been asked to assist in this event. There will be a Festival planning meeting on Tuesday-3-October at the Bogota Recreation Centre starting at 7:00p.
  When the floor was opened up for new business Camille Hazel asked Bogota Beautiful if they could consider a project that would be a clothing swap meet. Her idea was that any gently used, or new clothing item, from infants to Adults, be brought to a select location and traded, or given to anyone  who would be in need of it. Chairperson Bustamante liked this idea and suggest that it should be incorporated into other Bogota Beautiful events, like the Fall Festival, Earth Day, or the next Block Party. 
   The next Bogota Beautiful  board meeting will be on Wednesday-18-October. This will be held at the Kennedy Emergency Serives Building loacted at 69 W. Main St Bogota, NJ starting at 7:30p.   For more information please visit their website at: 

         (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

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