Monday, September 18, 2017

Comedy Night in Bogota

  On Saturday-16-September the Parents for Bogota Football hosted a Comedy night fundraiser to support the Bogota Football Bucs. This was held at the Bogota VFW Post #5561 hall in front of an audience of over 100 supporters. The evening started with Karen Rodgers thanking everyone for coming, and New Horizons Financial for their support of this event.  She then took the opportunity to be a warm-up act herself, before introduction the first performer. 
    The opening act was Sherry Davey, who has also appeared Nick Mom's  Night Out and Gotham Comedy Live.  Even with using the pronunciation of "Bouge'-ta"  Ms Davey delivered a performance that entertain the audience. She started with standard of the married Woman weight loss plan (180 lbs of ex Husband), and how teenagers are a unhuman.  She then turn to using the Audience themselves to for more inspiration. One segment was to use Gordon and Ashley Kohles for effectively in pointing out the difficulty of being a Parent to a grown child. And how nice it is that someone as sweet as Ashley will admit who her Father is. Even if they are sitting at different tables. Ms Davey then talked about her immigrant  Father who service in the United States Armed Forces, which gave her the opportunity to thank those veterans in the attendance and the VFW. This  also allowed her move to a familiarly topic,  of Immigrant Parents who have lived in this county for more than half their lives and raised families, but still have trouble with English and cellphones. She continued to score with the audience by fighting off the sound of the passing trains , fawning over Kevin Bayani, and giving  the citizens of "Bouge'-ta" some good reasons to laugh.
   The Headliner was Johnny Lampert from The Comic Strip, and  Caroline's Comedy Club. He proved himself as a New Jersey guy  and could have rested just by pronouncing "Buh-GO-ta".  This opened the way for Mr Lampert to give a show in front of a supportive crowd. His style was that of talking to the Audience in a tough, honest way , but respectful to those who focus on. He did not shy away from pointing out the look of Ed Sweeney's hair,  the Spanish music coming from a party downstairs, and some guy who seem unable to stop taking photos, all the time making sure there was plenty of laughter to go with the jokes. Some of his stories  were able to connect with everyone there, with how a Daughter is spending their College money, why is there a boy in the youngest one's room, and how much is his Wife spending now. He talked about everyday annoyances from wrong song lyrics, how to cure a "sprained" stomach, and the appeal of sports that are trying to kill the participants.  Mr Lampert then came back to talking with the Audience and again Coach Bayani was brought into focus.  The two men talked football, about how to motivate  the players and hopes for the rest of the season. Mr Lampert used his humor to move on from a shut-out loss the night before, to a winning season from now on.  His interactions used humor,  sarcasm, and a bit of bending the truth to successfully end a full evening of 
entrainment in "Buh-GO-ta"

Sherry Davey

Johnny Lampert

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