Wednesday, September 6, 2017

School Improvements

    With the new 2017-18 Bogota Public School starting on Thursday-7-September the Student will be welcomed by a number of improvements to the building.  All three Schools have new, or refurbished boilers. At  Bixby School there will be ongoing work to refurbish the windows on the older section of the building. One room has been closed in order to to a survey of the work needed.  This has allowed the construction company to size and order the replacement steel for the project. The inspection also revealed that a number of the stone trim is also in need of repair, or replacement.  Superintendent Varcadipane gave a timetable of February 2018  to fully complete the project. So that there is a minimum of class disruption, one room will be worked on at a time. A class schedule for Bixby Students will be announce as needed. 
   The High School had a different number of projects happening over the Summer. To start with, a new emergency generator  has been installed near the front of the building. The generator still needs one final inspection to be put online. Many of the stairs cased in the High School have been repainted. The treads and handrails have been given a coat of non-slip paint. There was with new carpeting and fresh paint in the band room. A new sound system will be added to the stage soon..  The Biology labs were striped of their cabinets and the floor was replaced with new tile. A drop ceiling with new lighting have been added. new cabinetry and new lad tables & chairs have been installed in both Biology rooms. The Biology rooms will still need additional electrical outlet and the sinks need to be finish, but both room will be operational for the new school year.  This may continue into the first week of the school year. The new Outdoor Recreation area has been leveled and paved with a new drainage system to reduce the flow of water away from the building. Markings for Volleyball & Basketball have been painted, but the installation of fixtures and fence will continue into the first weeks of school. 
    Part of the benefit of the new outdoor area is the reduction of drainage into Speary Gym. Over the years water damage to the underfloor has caused unevenness to the wooden floor. The old floor and bleachers were removed soon after Graduation. The allowed work on the foundation. A major process of the asbestos removal on top of the foundation. This not only added to the time of construction for Speary Gym, but to all the work to be done in the High School. The entire building needed to closed to everyone except the asbestos removal crew. This forced a two week delay with the other projects.
   When work restarted the foundation was leveled and sealed, above the stripe a fresh coat of white paint was added and the superstructure below the ceiling was vacuumed.  A new Bogota Purple stripe replace the old gold one above the padding. The pads themselves will be a base of black with  "BOGOTA"  "BUCS"  on either end zone and  "BUCS PRIDE" behind the team benches. At this time the pads are all black with the new lettering  pads to be added later.  The  Championship banners have been replaced with brighter vinyl ones and re-hung. The new layout on the floor will have the base and side lines a combination of Bogota Purple on the outside and a thinner Bucs Gold line on the inside. The Center Court Logo will still be the Buccaneer head, with the rest of the tip-off circle being Bucs Gold.  The lettering will now read  "Jay Mahoney Court" in front of the Home bench, and " Bogota Bucs" in front of the Visitor's bench the lettering will be reversed in front of the bleachers. The new bleachers will molded plastic seats based in Bogota Purple with the word "Bucs" in gold.   A new Volleyball net and supports have been added and will be in use for the Lady Bucs opening match on Friday-8-September.

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