Friday, September 14, 2018

DPW Dedication

   On Thursday-13-September the new building for the Bogota Department of Public Works was dedicated. This is a replacement for the older building that was damaged during  Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Funds from FEMA relief after the Hurricane where use to erect a temporary structure on Cross St. which the DPW used for its vehicles. This is currently being used for the Bogota Recycling Centre.  The Bogota Council voted on an Bond issue to finance the building of a new DPW garage and headquarters. The garage was completed in 2016  and allowed for the most of the DPW's equipment to be housed in a more secure location.
    In 2017 the old DPW building, dating back to the mid 1940's was demolished and constitution began on the new facility. By January of 2018 the new building, still located at 9 E.Ft.Lee Rd,  was  started to be used. This new building is a two story structure with a roll though garage, small vehicle storage, laundry, and safety area. On the upper floor there is an office for DPW Superintendent  Gordon Kohles, both Women and Mens locker room, and kitchen and eating area, a small lounge, and room for more storage.
   Before the ribbon cutting Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen addresses the members of the DPW gathers for the ceremony. His message to them that this new facility is a thank-you from the citizens of Bogota for the hard work they do in maintaining the Borough of Bogota. The hours they spend maintaining the parks, picking up recycling, and the removal of leaves and snow in all types of condition, and at all hours of the day is greatly appreciated.  With that Mayor Kelemen handed over a pair of scissor to Superintendent Kohles so he could have the honour of officially open his new building.
    On hand were Borough Officials and Councilwomen Daniele Fede and Kathy Ferris. Also in attendance were the Architect David Bilow and Contractors Glenys Herrera and Carlos Javier from Javier Construction. When Ms. Herrera and Mr Javier were asked about what they though the one feature they were most proud of, in the new building. They both agreed  the functionality of the finish product. The roll though feature which allows for vehicles to pull in form the back and then quickly be able to exit out the front door is very convenient and a time saver.  Also the extra room for storage on both floors which will allow for future equipment to be kept in a accessible and secure area. 
   Then Superintendent Kohles was asked what feature of the new headquarters he thought was the most important. He said that his very happy that his staff now had proper Locker Rooms, with showers, a dinning area, and a lounge which could be used by the workers to relax and recover  during long days and nights of emergency maintenance. Mostly to be used in the Winter the DPW members will be able be on stand by for snow removal or if other situation occur. 

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 ( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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