Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Online Threat

 During the Bogota Board of Education meeting on Tuesday-11- September a number of Parents in attendance were forwarded a threat to a school through snapchat. This was o the Boards attention, and they stated that they were already aware of the situation. Superintendent Damion Kennedy said that he had contacted the Bogtoa Police Dept ti investigate the message.  This morning the Bogota Board of Education issued the following advisory: 
    There has been an online report about a possible school threat circulating in our community. Our district takes all possible threats seriously and consulted with local police immediately. After investigating the online threat, which only mentions BHS, it was found that the threat was directed at Brunswick High School in Georgia which has already been handled and not Bogota High School in NJ. We thank those who brought forward their concerns and the Bogota PD who reacted swiftly. The safety and security our our students and staff are our number one priority and we will continue to safeguard our students to the best of our ability. Guidance counselors will be available.-Mr. Kennedy

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