Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Main Street Walk

 On Thursday-20-September Students from Steen School's Third Grade made the first trip around Bogota to learn more about the parts of a community.  This days lesson was to find out about the different types of business a town like Bogota could have.  They walked up W. Main St. to the Business Section between Elm and Larch Aves.  They would pass by the Wells Fargo bank, the Post Office, some beauty salons and a couple places to eat. When they stood in front of a vacant retail space the Student were asked, if they could, what type of store they though should open there. One of the answers was "A Bakery". Then the classes were told to look around to see if there was already a bakery nearby.  When none was found the Students, they were given the suggestion that when they got older maybe one of them could open a bakery on Main St.  They walked back to School for the rest of the day.  This will be followed, later on in the school year, by more lessons on what makes a town, or a Borough like Bogota work.

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