Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Veteran's Workshop

   On Tuesday-4-September New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer hosted a workshop for Veterans to assist them in exploring the different agencies, and groups which can offer the Veteran support. This was held at the Bogota VFW Post #5561, and was showcase  for a number of Government, and private organizations that Veterans could use. There was a panel of four officials that joined Congressman Josh Gottheimer on the stage to talk about what services are available to Veterans in New Jersey, and in Bergen Country.  The four speakers were Lillie Nuble from the Department of Veteran Affairs, David Brimmer from VA New Jersey Health Care System, AJ Luna from Bergen County Veterans Services, and Tony Gallopo, a former Vice Commander in the American Legion. Congressman Gottheimer's first question to the panel was what is the most conman problem do they see affecting Veterans. They all spoke about how many Veterans do not know where should go  for help. This was highlighted by a Woman  who asked, behave on her Brother who is an Vietnam Veteran, about health care for him. The panel stressed that all Veterans must contact and register with the Veteran Administration Heath Care as soon as possible. When a Veteran applies here this opens up  access to more services and contacts which will can a Veteran. The Woman also talked about the need for her brother to travel hours to just get a hearing test. She was told that more clinics are opening up, and that she should also contact the VA to see if transportation is available when needed.
   Other subjects discussed ranged from Homelessness, to being employed, to find  financial aid to buy a house, or start a business.  On the topic of Homelessness Mr. Luma  said that Bergen County was one of the first county in the state to find permanent  hosing for the Veteran who live there. He was joined by Bergen County Freeholder Tracy Zur who added that the county had full Veteran Housing in 2016. Also in attendance was Assemblyman Gordon Johnson from the 37th legislative district.
   When talking about financial aid for Home, or Business, ownership one of the main point of advice was for current active duty personal to start the process before leaving the service  A representative from the Department of Veteran Affairs, used herself as an example, said that starting to look for help before retirement from the military can make the process smoother. There are service that will able a Veteran to assemble a resume based on their experiences both  Military and Civilian life.  Some basic concepts of how to apply for a position, who and where to apply and even translating "Military Speak" to "Civilian Speak" in order to have a more productive job interview.  Many time during the conversation the panel talked about how private organization are useful with helping solve problems face by all Veterans.
  After the formal discussion the Veterans in attendance moved around the hall and talked with representatives from both Government and Private groups.  Some of the groups with information were:

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