Friday, October 2, 2020

Bogota Borough Council


 On Thursday-1- October the Bogota Borough Council held their first meeting for the month of October. At the beginning of the meeting there was a number of presentation and discussions made to the council. One was by Bogota Police Sergeant 
Geoffrey Coles  asked the Council to consider about a sight change in the placement and restrictions of some stop signs within the Borough.  One was to ask to allow a smaller restriction of the no parking space at Larch Ave and W. Broad St. This would allow for additional parking by members of Bogota's Emergency Service Volunteers to park there when they are responding to a call. This would only be allowed for that purpose. Another area for consideration was the intersection of W.Grove St. and Linden Ave. This would rearrange and possibly add stop signs for a safer traffic pattern there.  Then members of Council  also asked Sgt Coles to exam the intersection of Elm Ave. and Munn St to see if additional stop signs go be place there for safety reasons.
  Another presentation was by Bluescope Constitution which offered a propel, to be consider, which would allow for a pre-engineered structure for the proposed Community Center.  A representative from Bluescope explained how this concept could be used by the Borough's Architectural firm by plan and build the center but still maintain some of the design elements asked for by Council.
  There was then a discussion of the Council's Social Media Policy.  This was to talk about alleged misuse of document and photos by a member a current member of Council.  To this end Councilwomen Carpenter was then censured by the Council in a 4-3 vote. Bogota Mayor  Chris Kelemen was called on to break the tie. 
  All items voted on as part of the consent agenda were passed by a unanimous vote.
The next Borough of Bogota Council meeting will be on Thursday-15-October.  This will be a virtual meeting. The start time will be  at 7:30p.  The meeting can be access by a number of different ways.  
  Online at:  to use this service a view may have to a create an account in order to sign-in.  Information on accessing this meeting will follow. For more information please visit their website at:

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  1. Frankly we don't need additional parking on Larch because it has already been addressed. Within the past two weeks 5 additional spaces were constructed on Broad Street. That was accomplished, as I understand, by the taking of some property from Wells Fargo. The only service which respond to the area in mention is the Fire Department. The Rescue Squad is located on Main Street Perhaps we should secure some additional spaces in the Wells Fargo lot.


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