Friday, October 16, 2020

Bogota Borough Council


   On Thursday-15-October the Bogota Borough Council held their second meeting for the month of October. At the beginning of the meeting Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen to some time to remember  Mr. Edward Sweeney who passed away over the weekend.  After Public Comments the Council heard a report about a project called the South End Redevelopment Plan. This was a preliminary study to offer ideas on what type of planning could be done to the area that is between the NYSW railway line and the Hackensack River.  This area is currently the location of the Bogota Golf Centre, and some abandon industrially buildings , which could also include Outwater Plastic (between the railway and River Rd).  The ideas that could be part of this redevelopment included a variety of businesses which included: research facilities, light manufacturing,  public storage, also service and retail with possible specialized  eating and drinking establishments. The plan would also included  at least a 15’ wide river walk, which could possible link up the planned walk at the new Atwater project. There would also be an upgrade in the infrastructure of the area. A more revised plan will be created and present at a future Council meeting.
  Next there was clarification on a new Fire Watch program. This new program would amend  the current fire code to create this position. This would allow the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department  to station an officer ( or other qualified professional) at a multi story resident in the case of a malfunction of either the alarm, or sprinkler system. Currently if a system became inoperable the entire building would need to be evacuated until the system is restored.  This would take place even if the system on only one floor was not working.  The Council asked for more detail on the reimbursement of the monitoring personnel.   
  Then the Council voted on the Consent Agenda, Ordinances, and Bond introductions.  All the items voted one were passed with an unanimous vote. The one exception was the approval of the minutes from the last Council Meeting.  This was passed by a 4-3 vote with Mayor Kelemen casting the deciding vote.  Some of the more noteworthy items passed was to approve a number of  Municipal Bonds. One bond will be used to purchase the property at 31 Fairview Ave so it can be use as a part of a support facility new Firehouse on West Shore Ave , and other Borough Departments. Another Bond was for the installation of  Handicap ramps along Main St. This is a first step in the repaving of that street from  the Teaneck Border to the William Ryan Bridge. A high percent of this bond should be reimburse to the Borough by Bergen County
   In his report Mayor Kelemen announced a plan to name the Basketball court in the planned Community Centre after Mr. Edward Sweeney in recognition for all the work and contributions he made for the Students of Bogota. This was quickly passed by a 6-0 vote.  Another announcement was that another mobile covid-19 testing site will occur on Monday-19-October. This will take place at the Hackesack Recreation Department located at 116 Holt St. Hackensack , NJ starting at 9:00a to 2:30p. The will be given on a first come, First serve basis. sites will offer the covid-19 saliva and. The saliva test is available to symptomatic and asymptomatic. There is also one scheduled for Tuesday-27- October in Teaneck. This will take place at the Richard Rodda Centre located at 250 Colonial Ct. Teaneck, NJ
  Test results are known approximately between 48 and 72 hours after testing.  Everyone going to be tested must not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes prior to arrival. No prescription is required, and tests will be covered by health insurance plans. Residents who do not have health insurance will still be able to get tested. 
  All people taking a test must have proper identification, Accepted forms of ID are a driver’s license or identification card, Social Security card, passport, or birth certificate. For those without legal status, a foreign passport is accepted. Residents also have to show proof they live or work in Bergen County. An insurance card is also required, again residents who do not have health insurance will still be able to get tested. For more information please visit the State of New Jersey Department of Health website at: or at
   There will be a special  Borough of Bogota Council meeting will be on Thursday-29-October.   The propose of this is to have a town hall meeting concerning  the New Jersey Green Acres program and to allow the construction of the proposed Community Centre in Olsen Park. This will be a virtual meeting. The start time will be  at 7:30p.  The meeting can be access by a number of different ways.
   More information on accessing this meeting will follow. For additional information please visit their website at:

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