Thursday, December 16, 2021

Bogota Board of Education


    On Tuesday-14-December the Bogota Board of Education held their final meeting for 2021.   School Board Vice President Mr. Jose Chavez called the meeting to order,  he was filling in for former Board President Ms. Kathy VanBuren would has moved out of district earlier this month.
  In this report Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy started out by thanking Trustee Ms. Eileen Lewis for her six years as a member of the Bogota School Board.  Next he announced the change in protocol for all building in the District. These were enacted due to the increased levels of transmission of the covid-19 virus, and its variances.  These changes  include: The close contact quarantine periods from 10 days to 14 days for Unvaccinated close contact individuals. Unlike the Moderate-risk level, when a region is at a High-risk level, there is no opportunity to reduce the number of quarantine days with a negative test for an individual who is a close contact.  (NJ DOH Guidelines) All Covid positive cases will continue to quarantine for 10 days. Students excluded from school for Covid-like symptoms, should be tested for Covid. An alternate diagnosis is not acceptable without a negative Covid test. Superintendent Kennedy explained that the transmission of the virus has been from out of school contacts. He asked that families  who have had Student in close contact with a positively test individuals please contact the school and have them stay at home.  
  Superintendent Kennedy continued in saying that the Winter Concert will take place, but with additional distancing and other safety protocol in place. 
  When the Trustee considered the Agenda items. All resolutions were approved by unanimous vote. Items of note were: 
 - The approves the Title III After School Program running during the 2021-2022 school year to assist eligible Adult ESL students.
-The resignation of Ms. Lauren Sontag, Elementary School Teacher
- The approval of the extension of the Medical Leave of Absence for Mr.Brad DiRupo for the period December 4, 2021 through March 14, 2022.
-The appointment of Mr. Patrick Clark as Athletic Director at a salary of Step 1 $10,348 prorated for the period December 4, 2021 through March 14, 20
-The appointment of  Ms. Susan Harris as an Elementary School Teacher
-The appointment of  Mr. Mohammed Jello as a Custodian
-The approval of Envirovision Consultants, Inc.for the initial AHERA management plan and inspection services for the new building at 390 Palisades Avenue.
  The Re-Organization meeting for 2022 will be held on Tuesday-4-January-2022 at 7:00p.  This held in the High Cafeteria located at 2 Henry Luthin Pl Bogota, NJ. All in person attendees will be required to wear mask at all time while in the building. This will have the swearing in of those candidates who won the seats as Trustees in the November  General Election. They are Ms. Susan Cruz, Mr. Francisco Miranda, and Mr. Roberto Alvarez. The meeting is open to the Public.     
For more information and to view previous meetings please go their web-site

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