Saturday, December 4, 2021

Tree Lighting

 On Friday-3-December the Borough of Bogota held their tree lighting ceremony for the 2021 Holiday season.  This was able to be an in person event, with a large crowd gathering in front of Borough Hall. As the attendees waited for the light to be turned on, there was a number of activities available.  As the children arrived they were greeted by Mrs. Claus who gave them tickets with a chance to win a gift at the end of the evening. A table with Elfie, and a couple of her friends offered cookies, hotdogs, and hot chocolate to be enjoyed. A small train ride took the visitors on a quick trip along Larch Ave.  Music was also provided to get the Holiday spirit  going, and a brief "Snow Storm" took place that party goers danced through.
   Then, from the North, sirens sounded, lights flashed as the members of the Bogota Volunteer  Fire Department arrive with a special guest. When the Hook and Ladder truck stopped in front of Borough Hall Santa Claus stood up and waved to all the children cheering a welcome to him. Santa walked up to the Building reet and hugging some of those he walked close to. He then greeted Mrs. Claus and turn to again wave to the crowd. After a few quick hugs, for the children close by, he asked is everyone was ready to help lite the tree.  
    Santa Claus  lead the countdown to turn on the lights. When the count came down to 1. Mr Claus gave a joyous shout of “ MERRY CHRISTMAS” and the 2021 Christmas Tree began to shine with light.  After Santa picked out the winning tickets for gifts he then wished everyone a Merry Christmas and to look for him when he travels through Bogota with the Firefighter passing out lollipops. 
    On Sunday-19-December the annual Lollipop Sunday will take place. Santa will be escorted around Bogota by the Fire Department starting close to 10:00a to see all the Children of the Borough. 

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