Friday, December 17, 2021


 During the public comment session at the Bogota Borough Council meeting on Thursday-16-December at Parent of a Bogota School Student mentioned an on-line video about causing acts of violence  at schools this Friday-17-December. This threat was not aimed at any one school or state. Bogota Police Chief Mr. Daniel Maye  was logged on to the meeting at this time and address the public about this situation. Chief Maye said that they are aware of this video and have been in contact with Bogota School Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy. Both organization have taken action to added extra security at all the Districts schools. Chief Maye said that he met with the schools Special Law Enforcement Offices-class 3 for the Public School (SLEO-3) and advised them of the heighten security needs. Chief Maye added that the Bogota Police Force is also on a heightened alert.
   Superintendent Kennedy issue a statement on the district website, and sent it out to all the Families of the  Students.  The statement is as follows: 
It has come to our attention that a social media post is circulating warning of nationwide school shootings on December 17th. At this time, the New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center is unaware of any specific, credible threats to New Jersey schools or Bogota Public Schools.Bogota Schools have been in communication with Bogota Police. Tomorrow there will be an increased police presence on and around our schools as a precaution. If there are any additional updates from the state or local authorities, you will be notified.
The health and safety of our students and staff are of paramount importance.
The Ridgefield Park Police Department, in cooperation with the Ridgefield Park Board of Education have also increased security and a Police presents at each of its buildings.
Parents and Family members are encouraged speak to your children about the serious implications of circulating information on their personal social media channels. If a Student is aware of specific information related to specific social media threats, please notify their building principal.
As well as the Bogota Police Department at:201-487-2400 or the Ridgefield Park Police Department at (201) 641-6400 immediately.
All organization will issues further announcement when more information is learned. 

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