Friday, December 17, 2021

Bogota Borough Council

   On Thursday-16- December the Bogota Borough Council held their last meeting for the year 2021.  In the first public comment session Councilman Michael Connors stated that the Borough is planning to install about two speed alert sign on local streets over the next few years. This is an effort to reduce speeding on the streets of Bogota. 
  Then the Council has a number of items for open discussion. One point was that because of the raising of positive cases of the covid-19 virus, and its variances, Borough Public meeting will continue to be held on-line for at least into the first quarter of 2022. 
  When the Council voted on the consent agenda all resolutions were passed by an unanimous   vote. Items of note was that the Borough will continue to be apart of  the Shared  Services  agreement with to  include Maintenance and Repair of municipal vehicles. Along with with being a part of the Mid-Bergen Regional health Commission. 
   During the second public comment session a Parent of a Bogota School Student mentioned an on-line video about causing acts of violence  at schools this Friday-17-December. This threat was not aimed at any one school or state. Bogota Police Chief Mr. Daniel Maye  was logged on to the meeting at this time and address the public about this situation. Chief Maye said that they are aware of this video and have been in contact with Bogota School Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy. Both organization have taken action to added extra security at all the Districts schools. Chief Maye said that he met with the schools Special Law Enforcement Offices-class 3 for the Public School (SLEO-3) and advised them of the heighten security needs. Chief Maye added that the Bogota Police Force is also on a heightened alert.
  The next Borough of Bogota Council meeting will be on Sunday-2-January-2022. This will be the annual Sine-Die and Re-Organization meeting. The start time will be  at 12:00 noon.  Whether this will be an in person meeting, a virtual meeting will be announced at a later date.
The first regular meeting will be on Thursday-6-January-2022 and scheduled to start at 7:30p. Log-in information will be posted at a later date.
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