Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Board Of Education


  Bogota Blog NJ along with Bogota Beautiful is starting a drive to collect gift cards in order to help the Citizens of Edgewater, NJ. With the assistance of Bogota Mayor Chris Keleman there will be a collection box located in Borough Hall in the secretary's office.  The secretary's office will be open during normal business hours which  are from Monday to Thursday from 8:00a to 5:00p. Bogota Borough Hall is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ


    The Bogota Board of Education  held the first of their meetings for the Month of February.  At this meeting a representative of the Student Congress sat on the Dias with the rest of the Trustees.  Nia Abuzid  told the board of some of the project the Student of Bogota High School are engaging in over the next few days. One is to collect supplies for a local animal shelter.  Some donation they are seeking are can food for both Cats & Dogs, along with other items in pet care. A second project Ms. Abuzid mention was a fundraiser to help those residents of the Avalon apartment fire in Edgewater. The Student Congress will be collecting money after lunch time asking Student to donate their spare change from Lunch to help victims of the fire.  
   In a processual change some of the  the resolutions on the agenda were offered to be discussed at this meeting. Then those item will moved to be voted on at the Board's next meeting schedule for Tuesday 24- February.  
  There was also an announcement that Open House for the High School will be determined at a later date due to scheduling conflicts with St. Joseph's school so that their Students will also have a chance to visit the High School at that time. 
   At the start of the meeting Superintendent Dr Pantoliano informed the trustees of a performance report from the state of New Jersey. The performance of Bogota High School is average when compared to  all other High Schools in New Jersey. When compared to school similar to Bogota it is at , or above average. Of the two elementary schools in the district Bixby School performance is at or above average compared to the rest of the state, and well above average when compared to similar school. Steen School, however is performing at or below average compared to the rest of New Jersey. It is at or just above average compared to similar schools. While resources for all the schools should be equal, one factor  is that both the High School & Bixby have had the same Principle for a number of years.  Steen have had a revolving door of Principles over the same time frame. While the quality of the leaders of Steen have been good, their still will be yet another new Principal at Orchard Terrace starting next school year, the performance scores have not been equal to the similar schools. If  a longterm leader at Steen can be found, will this allow it to grow and achieve at the same level as the District other schools. 
    The Next  Bogota Board of Education will be on Tuesday 24-February starting at 7:30p.  This meeting  will take place.in the Cafeteria of the Bogota  High School. The Public is invited to attend this meeting.
The  Bogota High School is located at 2 Henry C. Luthin Pl, Bogota, NJ 

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