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21- Feb-2015
   On Thursday 19- Feb. the Bogota Public Library held its inaugural Smartypants Lecture series. The guest lecture was Sheila Robinson-Kiss who talked about the relationships between people in the modern world. To emphasize the point of how people need to relearn to communicate with others  Ms.Robinson-Kiss asked that the attendees sit in around in a circle  to allow them to see the others at the lecture. She talked  about how people need to reach out on their own to help themselves. And that one way to reach out is to personal communications with other.  She wanted to explain that while e-mail and other electronic  ways of communicating are a useful tool in today's world, looking someone face to face, or hearing another's voice is still the strongest form of getting information from one person to another. Reading excerpts from her book "They're Not Coming..." Ms.Robinson-Kiss showed that in a time where everyone seems to be  rushed,  time still needs to be taken to develop and grow relationships with fellow Human beings.  During  her talk  Ms. Robinson-Kiss  stopped to ask the other their thoughts about situations they were in.  One Woman answered that since she was unemployed for a time, she now had a chance to get to know her family better. She talked about being upset that she had taken so long to do this while working. Ms. Robinson-Kiss asked her to think about her experience differently. Instead of worrying about a missed past, enjoy the moments she now has with them. She went on to explain  that in todays world each person must find a way to enjoy the time they have. From simple everyday things like a first cup of coffee, or late night dessert, to sharing as much  time as possible with Family and Friends.
   It was a quick pace, energetic evening of talking and sharing. Even after the official hour was done Ms. Robinson-Kiss stay a while to talk to some one on one, while other who meet for the first time exchanged ideas with each other. Taking Ms. Robinson-Kiss point of the importance of reaching out on ones own without waiting for someone else to come by and do it for you. 
  Ms. Sheila Robinson-Kiss moved to New Jersey from Chicago a few years ago and is a relationship therapist & inspirational speaker.  Her latest  book  "They're Not Coming... waiting to be rescued on the roadside of life." is now available for sell. She also has donated a copy to the Bogota Library and can be checked out at any time.
   The next  Smartypants Lecture will be on Tuesday 24- February. This will be a talk given by Jeff Perry to talk about Hubert Harrison who is credited in founding the new Negro Movement. Mr. Perry is the author of  " Hubert Harrison : The new voice of Harlem Radicalism 1883-1913"  This is scheduled to start at 7:00p and will take place in the Senior Center of the Bogota Library on the second floor.  There is no charge for the lecture however, resevations are recomemnded  For more information about this and other programs offer by the Bogota Public Library, or to make a reservation for any of the talks apart of  The Smarty Pants Lecture series please contact the Library at: 201-488-7185 or visit their website at:  The Bogota Public Library is located at 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ

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