Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bogota Beautiful

21- Feb.-2015
    On Wednesday 18- Feb. Bogota Beautiful held its monthly board meeting. The  main topic of discussion was their participation in Bogota Day 2015. One of their ideas is to sponsor a walking tour of Bogota. This would be an effort to show residents, and visitors, some of the scenes of the Borough away from Olsen Park.  The walk would include information on the history of the parts of Bogota covered in the walk. Bogota Day is tentatively schedule for the third weekend on June. It would be a three day event running from Friday evening to Sunday.  Bogota Beautiful is looking for anyone who would be interested as serving as a tour guide. They are also seeking sponsorship from any Individual, Group, or Business in order to help with the production of a map that will show the walking route.
    The next items talked about planting and gardening. They would like to have a Spring Planting event on Saturday 2- May to clean, and freshen up the planters on W.Main St.  They are looking for volunteers to resoil the planters along with adding flowers for Spring & Summer. Their goal is also to acquire dwarf evergreens that will act as a centerpiece year round. This trees would give W. Main a touch of colour all year, and give the planters an anchor  for seasonal decorations. They are also accepting donation of flowers and  colourful plantings for the May event. For the gardening item they are willing to volunteer their expertise to help a local resident to start a garden of their own. They would advise a homeowner on what would be the best type of garden to fit their environment. Bogota Beautiful would work with the homeowner with  step by step instructions to help them start their garden.
   One more item was to have a clean-up event in conjunction with Earth Day 2015.  This would be held on Saturday 25- April. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact them at And if there is a section on public space in Bogota that is in need of a spring clean-up they would like to know about it so it may be considered for the Earth Day clean-up.
There next Board meeting will be on Wednesday 19-March. Thie will start at 7:30p and be held in the Council Chambers of Bogota Borough Hall. The Council Chambers are located on the second floor at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ  the public is welcomed to attend.
   For more information on how to volunteer, or donate, to any of  Bogota Beautiful's project please visit their website at or email them 

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