Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bogota Beautiful

   On Wednesday 15-June Bogota Beautiful  held their monthly board meeting. The first order of business was to announce that their next meeting will be on Wednesday -20-July and will be held at the Bogota Recreation Centre located at 162 W. Main St. Bogota, NJ. The meeting will start at 7:30p and is open to the public.  There was a review of their recent events including the "Walk with the Mayor" and the dedication of  the Community Garden. The first time walk attracted between  65-75 participates.  This included Borough Officials, Couple, Families (some being given a ride in their strollers) along with friends walking together wanting to share a Saturday Afternoon.  The interest in this first walk was strong enough that plans are forming to have a second walk in the Fall.
   Next was a summary of the Community Garden. The opening as attended by many of the walkers and by members of the Eastern Bergen County Board of Realtors who are expected to donate to the Community Garden.  Garden Committee Chairperson Nancy Guaman talked about securing a temporary source of water for the rain barrels, the additional of a sculpture at a later date. She said that six planters have been rented for the first year, and they a accepting reservation for the other. Ms Guaman said that payment can now be made by check. A check payment needs to be made out to the Borough of Bogota as it is a part of the Bogota Environmental Commission. There are also plans to include the World War I Memorial upkeep in order to assist the Bogota VFW Post #5561  with it maintenance. For questions about reserving a planter, or for more information about the Community Garden please email them at:
   The Bogota Best Home Curb Appeal contest is still in progress. Chairpersons  Maribeth and Pedro Mejia have set-up link with the Bogota Beautiful facebook page. This will allow anyone to nominate a lawn for consideration.
     A new project was voted and passed on, was the ideas to start a Community Theatre group. This will start as one production to gauge the interest and practicality of  having a full time Theatre troupe based in Bogota. It is tentatively scheduled to have " High School Musical" as their first production. There will a be an audition call on  Saturday-25-June.  Two times are available. a morning session from 9:00a to 11:00a and an evening session from 8:00p to 10:00p. Both calls will be held at the Bogota Recreation Centre located at 162 W. Main St. Bogota, NJ. Anyone interested must be prepared to sing a number from " High School Musical" and recite a two minute monologue.  There will be a brief dance number to be learned and rehearsed  at the end of the call time. This will be open to any resident of Bogota and for Adults and Students. Anyone under 18 years of age will need to have the permission of a Parent to audition. Date and location of the production will be determined at a later time. For more information about the musical please contact Isabel Bustamante at:
   Information about these and any other Bogota Beautiful projects please visit their website at:

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