Saturday, June 4, 2016



   On Friday-3-June the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy held their annual benefit dinner to support this years Academy Class 06.  This took place at the Bogota VFW Post #5561 Hall in Bogota. Perspective applicants for Class 06, and their Families were on hand to see if they would become one of the first ten to be accepted into Class 06. Also in attendance were Academy Alumni, Instructors, Bogota Mayor Chris Keleman along with members of Borough Council and member of the Bogota Board of Education. Academy Director Sgt Craig Lynch and Program Coordinator Anna Geraghty took time to welcome the potential new Cadets and to catch-up on Alumni and their Families.  To begin the program Director Lynch introduced three of the Honor Graduates from previous Classes. Cindy Perpepaj from Class 01, Jaclyn Villafuerte from Class 02, and Jordan Lavalle from Class 05.  Also introduced were members of the initial Class 01 from 2011 who still attend Academy event to assist and to continue  show their support for  Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy. Ms. Geraghty then acknowledge the interns for this Summers Academy who will assist with Class 06 the majority of the interns are also Academy Alumni  who are using their Summer vacation time to give back to the Academy. 
   Then came the time for the reveling of the first ten names to become members of Class 06. The first named called was Honor Graduate Lavalle. She was them followed to the stage by nine other Students who will become the first Cadets of Class 06.  Then Coordinator Geraghty thought aloud that only nine applicants had been named. The reason for this was that Ms. Lavalle was assured a place in Class 06 by virtue of her being the Honor Graduate form Class 05. When Miss Anna put the question to the audience if one more name should be announced those want to be number 11 cheered at the idea. With that one more new Cadet was reveled and these first recruits posed with Miss Anna Sgt Lynch and Bogota police Chief Daniel Maye as Class 06 has begin.

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