Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sports Awards Dinner


  On Monday 6-June the Bogota High School Athletics Dept held their annual Michael Granquist Memorial Sports Award Dinner. This was held to honor the Student Athletes of Bogota High School who participate in the 14 Varsity Sports the school has to offer.  The first presentation was made by  Anamaria Martinez and Brennen Rodgers to School trainer Monkia Young. This is the first year the High School has had a full time trainer on site for the home game.  The presenters told of how Ms. Young skills in working with sideline injuries has prevented them from becoming worse, and allowed the players to stay in a game when possible.  
   Next Athletic Director  Brad DiRupo brought up the Athletes who were voted on All- League teams. He then talked about  how 12 of the team  had move on to post season actives in their sport. Next to be honoured were the three Athletes named to All County teams Danny Daurio For First team in Cross Country. Amanda Manzo & Samantha Gioiosa for First team  in Volleyball, With Ms Gioiosa being named to the All State First team.
   Then the individual sports team where awarded certificates of achievement for the Junior Varsity players. While the Varsity Athletes received their Varsity Letter. Some of the recipients were award their first letter, while other were acknowledged with their fourth such honour.  Many of the Student also were recognized for achievement in  two or three different sports. 
  The evening ended with a showing of the highlights from the 2015-16 school year.     
   Bogota Blog NJ would like to take this time to congratulate the  Student Athletes of Bogota High School on their successes. Bogota Blog NJ would like to thank the  Bogota Board of Education for allowing access in cover the all the events during the school. An additional thanks to the Coaches, Faculty,  and Parents for their assistance over the past school year.

Sports cakes provided by Rob Harmon of Atlantic City, NJ

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