Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fire Insepections


    On Monday 30- May before all the other Memorial Day Festivities the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept held their annual inspections. This is the chance for the Firefights to show off their equipment and themselves. There are two types of inspections that happen at this time. One was  by officials from the Bergen County Fire Chief's Association on their appearance, maintenance & knowledge of their equipment.  The other was done for the benefit of the Mayor and Members of Borough Council.  Due to in-climate weather each Company had their inspection at their Fire House, instead of a full turnout in front of Borough Hall.  Representatives from the  the Chief Association looked at all aspect of the personal and equipment. From the crispness of uniforms, to the cleanness of ladders to the type and working ability of all of the equipment on and off, and including the  rolling stock they use. results of these inspection is a large factor  in which house will be chosen Fire Company of the Year. 

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