Friday, June 24, 2016

Class of 2016

   On Thursday 23-June the Bogota High School graduated it's 89th Senior Class. This was held at Feigel Field during an early Summer Sunset. 89 Students paraded  to their place of honour as Family and Friends looked on. Principal Damian Kennedy welcomed the attendees to the first Commencement Exercise  as the Principal , but added  that he has been fortunate to watch this class mature while serving as their Vice Principal.
   Salutatorian Joshika Andersson spoke of how she had to let go the fears of attending the High School for the first time. She then asked her Classmate to let go of any fears that the future may hold and strive to explore, take chances, (and even fail) one their own terms. The keynote speaker was Bogota Class of 89 Graduate Dr. Adam Fried. He talked of being from Bogota is more than the words on a piece of paper, or the name on a uniform. He remembered having moved to the Borough at a young age and be welcomed into the Community.  He recalled the the friendship made, the accomplished won, and mostly the support from other during a Family tragedy. He urged the Graduates to not only keep the memories of Bogota with them, but the spirit  of Bogota to help them achieve success in the lives.
    Valedictorian Katherine Fafara speech was that how she was able to learn, grow and achieve awards with hard work, it was as important to enjoy life for its self. Knowing that having a supportive Family behind her allowed for to take on the responsible to grow. She talked how when she was overwhelmed her Parents would be there for advice. When she was stressed she could play games with her Brother and enjoy the moments with him.   She let her Classmates know that with hard work comes the opportunities to have new experiences. But also allow for the time to enjoy the people in ones life and the little things in the world that make life livable.
   As the diplomas were awarded to the Graduates the Bogota tradition of allowing current and past  Board of Education members the honour of presenting their Children with their Diploma's of Graduation.  After the Graduates were lead by Class President Michael Granquist, and the Alma Mater was sung. Caps were flown in Celebration by the newest Alumni of  Bogota High School Class of 2016.

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