Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Guest for Memorial Day

Wednesday 1-June
   Again this Memorial Day Bogota was able to play host some of the active duty personal who are taking leave in New York as part of. Fleet Week 2016.  Sailors from the dock landing ship USS Fort McHenry LSD 43 and Marines from India Company  of the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment were driven from New York by Walter Croft and the American Legion. Their first stop in Bogota was at the Broad Street Firehouse to meet the members of the Bogota Volunteer Fire dept Hook & ladder Co. #1 and Engine #1. Both parties took the time to greet other and be thanked for the duties they performed. The Military personal were thanked for their service to the Country. While the Firefighters were complemented on the jobs they, and  other volunteers nation wide, do everyday to protect those who stay home.  There were exchanges of gift and stories to share. some professional in nature other not so much. The Sailors and Marines were offered some refreshments and a chance to just hang out on for the Holiday.
   Then the Visitors join the Citizens of Bogota in the the Borough's annual Memorial Day Service. They had a moment before and after the service to meet and greet, and to be thanked, with some veterans, their families, and people who just wanted to say hello and thank-you. As part of the wreath presentation at the Memorial for POW-MIA, Marine LCpl Kevin Millican and Marine LCpl Roger Powell escorted  Marianne Pigoncelli in placing  a wreath at the Memorial. For the parade the Active Duty personal fell in formation behind the Veterans from the Bogota VFW  Post #5561 as they march through the streets of Bogota. They were welcomed by waving, applause and thank-you from the on lookers.
  They final stop  was to be at the VFW Post #5561 hall for an indoor picnic as guest of honour. They were treated to hot dogs, sandwiches, chips and drinks while spending some time relaxing with citizens of Bogota.  They politely answered questions from excited Children and Adults about life in uniform. The Women and Men of the military then needed to return to their station after the chance to experience the hospitality of Bogota, NJ.

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