Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Steen Graduation


  On Tuesday 21-June Steen School graduated their Sixth Grade Class of 2016. After welcoming addresses by Principal Christine Giancola, and Superintendent Dr. Letizia Pantoliano  Tiffany Mercado into a slide show featuring  the growth of the Students  from toddlers to the young Women & Men about to enter into the next step of the Academic careers. Janelis Guzman & Rida Shaikh  gave a thank-you speech to the Parents for their support and assistance while at Steen. Then the Class of 2106 can down off the stage and presented a rose to their Parents. After Miyanna LoPiccolo & Matthew Levesque   gave their address to their Classmate. their Diplomas were handed out.
   The Students performed two musical numbers before Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen gave a thank-you to Ms Kathy Allen on her years of work as the Music Teacher for the Elementary Schools in Bogota. Ms Allen was presented with a plaque by Mayor Kelemen  from the Borough of Bogota. Then the Student serenaded  her with the  " Miss Allen" using the music from " Hey Jude"

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