Monday, June 13, 2016

Walk with the Mayor


   On Saturday 11-June  Bogota Beautiful hosted the first " Walk with the Mayor" through Bogota. This was a chance for everyone to enjoy a walk  with Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen to see the sites of the borough close up.  Angela Alberti introduced this idea to Bogota Beautiful with the hope that it would promoted a healthy lifestyles and community. Ms Alberti  secured funding from the New Jersey Nursing Initiative, then the idea was backed by Mayor Kelemen which helping to move the walk forward.  The walkers gathered at the picnic pavilion in Olsen Park which included couples, families and just some friend getting together on a Saturday Morning. There were school students, High School Seniors volunteering to help, with grade school Student needing to work off some energy, and toddles, who received a ride though Bogota.
  The Walkers started from Olsen Park  to River Rd. They turned North on River to Homestead and moved up the hill to Larch.Ave. Turning South there was a water station at Borough Hall to prepare  for the next leg of the journey.  From Larch they headed East along Main St crossing over the Albert Graf Bridge to Palisades Ave.  There was a quick turnaround retracing the route on the opposite side of Main St.  A Right back to Larch Ave, the a right on to W. Ft. Lee Rd to River Rd with the finish being at the new Bogota Community Garden. The walkers then were invited to stay and be apart of the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Garden.

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