Monday, August 20, 2018

Construction Update

   With the closing of access to the front of Bogota High School progress on the front parking lot is more visible. Curbs demarcating the lower parking lot have be installed, with a new entrance off of Palisades Ave in progress. The new side walk on the southern edge of the property has been completed that leads up to four new staircases.  Two stair case will allow access to door #M and the Student Garden. A third staircase goes to door #N and the ground level of the building. The final  stairs brings the walkway to the original level of the main staircase to the Main door of the High School. An new walkway will serve as access to the the front of the upper lot and its 6 new parking spaces. Handicap access will still be at door #C which is closest to Speary Gym. 
   The southern driveway off of Palisades Ave will be  a one way entrance to allow for the drop off of Students near the main entrance. The driveway will continue to Henry Luthin Pl. and serve as the exit back to Palisades Ave. Henry Luthin Pl. , which will be repaved, will still be a two way street and will serve as the entrance to both the lower and upper parking lots. The current sidewalk on the north side of  Henry Luthin Pl will be replaced.  The roadway to the upper lot will now be two way and be widen to allow for deliver, and emergency vehicle access.  
   A small green space will be created on the hillside between the upper and lower lots. This will be the location of the flagpole, and new landscaping.  A new welcome sign is planned for the along the Palisade Ave  sidewalk in the front of the property.  At this time the construction is set to be finished by the opening of the 2018-19 school year on Thursday-6-September.  The one variable is the timetable of removing the overhead electric wires from in front of the building. This part of the project is under the jurisdiction of PSE&G which has not yet announced a schedule for this work to take place. 
  Funding for this project was made possible by using the   Construction budget, which the Board of Education did not need to take  a loan, or the issuing of a municipal bond, to cover the cost , and will not occur any additional interest charges.
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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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