Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Board of Education

 On Thursday-28-August the Bogota Board of Education held its regular meeting for the month of August. Due to the ongoing  construction at the High School this was held at the Library in Steen School. 
  Some of the more noteworthy agenda items that were passed was the hiring of  Morgan Taylor as the Women's  Basketball Head Coach and Jay Mahoney as the Men's Basketball Head Coach. During the Committee reports section, Trustee Jacqueline DeVore  talked about the programs her committee discussed for increased Student, and Staff safety in the Public Schools.  Ms. DeVore said the the committee inquired about programs that could focus on character and emotional learning. They also would like to study the cost of having a full time time security present at all three schools.  She added that the board  should also include  Students  and Facility in any discussing about security in the school.  At this time Trustee Charlie Severino asked about again the including a representative from the Student Government attend the Board meetings. President Lisa Kohles said that the Board is looking to  have a Student Representative at the Board Meetings once more. 
    Another suggestion made by Ms. DeVore is to hold an open Town Hall  meeting to discuss, and listen to Bogota residents concerns and ideas for school safety. A preliminary date was set for Monday-17-September starting at 7:00p. This meeting would take place in the Auditorium of the High School. An official announcement will be made when the date and time can be confirmed.
   To a similar point during the Public Comment section one Parent asked about her need to have financial aid to allow for  Home Schooling of their Child. The Student was removed from Bogota High School after physical threats were made. The Student suffered from health and emotional trauma after the incident. The Parents is now paying for an online  teaching course to continue the Students education. The Parents feels that the Board of Education should treat this case similar to when a Student is required to go to a different School district for their education.  The Parents would also like to know why the Student making these threats was only suspended and not expelled from the High School. They also why the incident was not reported to the Bogota Police for  investigation.  The Parent continue to ask why the Board Members did not respond to the they they were sent about the incident.  All the Board Member said they did not recieve a copy of this letter, because it was not forwarded to them by the Central Office.  The Board Attorney asked the Board they should not respond in Public, and the Parent needs to met with authorities in private. Then Superintendent Damion Kennedy ask the Parent to call him the next business day so that can meet and begin to solve this problem, and address what ever measures that need to be done to correct the problems. 
  The next Board of Education meeting  is scheduled to take place on Tuesday-11-September, and start at 7:00p. The location of this meeting will be contingent on the work being done to the front of the High School. This is open to the public.

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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