Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Eating for Energy

  On Monday-30- July the Bogota Public Library hosted a nutrition work shop presented by Erika Lannaman, who is the nutritionist for the Shop rite in Hackensack. She explained about the make of certain foods can be a benefit, or a hindrance in a persons everyday actives. Processed, or pre-made, foods may contain large amount of sugar and preservatives that could effect the daily life of a person.  While choosing more food with a greater nutritional value can aid in allowing someone to be more  physically and mentally activity along with can help you managing weight and lower the risk of disease. Ms. Lannaman displayed the latest visual tool to show what type of portions of food groups will aid in a heather lifestyle. This chart showed the importance of vegetables & fruits in relation to proteins and grain in an average meal. She said that all the food groups represented are needed to have a balanced diet, but they should also be consumed in a balanced way. Too much, or too little, of one group may have adverse effect on a person health. 
   Ms. Lannaman said that many types of food will have traits of multiple food groups. Vegetables such as broccoli and spinach also can be a source of protein. While avocados and oranges are fruits that can be used  to get protein.  Meats and fish are still a source of protein, but this is depending on how they are prepared. Cooking in a highly saturated fat will reduce the benefits of any food consumed. Ms. Lannaman gave some basic ideas on planning a meal. Adding whole grain items would be a healthier choice.  Eating a variety of
colours in picking vegetables & fruits will allow for the balance in a person  diet.
Towards the end of the program Ms. Lannaman served a pair of desserts to demonstrate how healthy eating can still be flavorful. The two items were a Dark Chocolate Avocado  Truffle, and a Sweet Potato Brownie, both were enjoyed by the attendees, who were given the recipes to try at home.
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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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