Saturday, August 25, 2018

Academy Pool Party

   On Friday-24-August the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy held their annual Alumni  pool party at the Bogota Swim Club pool.  This was a chance for Academy Alumni, former Instructors,  Family and Friends to spend one more Summer evening relaxing. Members of all seven previous classes made a point to attend. The number of Alumni from the first several classes have reduced as those Alumni are now attending College, joined the work force, with a number now in Military Service. Sgt Craig Lynch and  "Miss Anna" Anna Geraghty  greeted their former Cadets with everyone showing off the changes from over the years. Mainly it was the increased height of the Alumni, and some mature facial features of the Male Alumni. Even Miss Anna  showed off the newest member of the Youth Academy Family with her son.
    The evening start with hugs, then time in the pool, then games of Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer as the evening pass.  At one movement during the event Miss Anna assembled all of the Alumni to gather for a presentation. Normally a shout of "EARS" would bring the Cadets into focus. As the years have pass the call needed to be repeated until the the appropriate response of  "OPEN MA'AM" was return with the necessary volume. With Alumni and Parent together  Sgt Lynch, and Miss Anna  presented Michael Weiskus  with an Official Youth Academy Executive Chefs Coat.  This is in gratitude for his providing the cooking and serving of meals at Various Academy functions. In addressing the Alumni Mr. Weikus was honoured for the recognition, but is even more proud of of the Alumni gathered in from of him, and how he was able to be apart of the continuing succus of the Youth Academy.  After this, the member of each Class posed for an reunion photos
   Later on Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye talked to the Alumni to congratulate them on representing Bogota, and being part of one of the finest Youth Academies in New Jersey. This point  reinforced by Chief Maye talked about how other Police Depts, and Communities, from all parts of New Jersey, are asking Sgt Lynch for assistance in starting similar Youth Academies for them.
   After that Academy Director Sgt Craig Lynch spoke of how plans have started for  Class 08 in the Summer of 2019. He said that a financial structure is being created to aid in the funding of future Youth Academy classes. This would also included scholarship programs for Academy Alumni. Another change is a modification of the enrollment guidelines. Starting with Class 08  only Students who will be entering 7th, 8th, and 9th will be allowed to apply. This moves the age of Academy membership back one year. Sgt Lynch gave two reasons for this. One reason was the physical requirements of some of the newer actives may be too strenuous for the younger Students. Another reason is to focus on the change from going from primary schooling to secondary education in today's world. He hopes this will prepare Middle School Student to face the changes High School with more information and confidence.
   Final details will be announce at later date. For more information about  Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy please visit their website at:

Select photos from the Bogota Blog NJ collection of  Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy are now available for purchase. These may be order from the Bogota Blog NJ Zenfolio store at: Bogotablognj /Youth Academy 

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 ( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of local information, events & sports
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