Monday, August 27, 2018

River Club Update

    Preparations on the River Club site in Bogota are continuing to more forward. Two major parts of the the pre-construction are:  the compaction of the added soil, and drainage. Currently work to stabilize  the foundation of Building #4  is being done. This is being achieved by a process known as  Dynamic Compaction which is the forces air from the soil creating a firmer base to build on. This is being done  is by the dropping of a large weight to a select area from a set height.  It is creating a deep thudding sound, which can sometimes be heard near the River Rd parts of Bogota. The soil compaction will continue until the desired elevation  is achieved. Then the process will be move to the Building #1 located. The rest of the development will also be compacted as more soil is added to raise the elevation of the property. The plan is raise the elevation by 4 to 5 feet  in order to bring the entire site out of the 100 years flood zone.
   Another part of the work being done is the installing of a larger and more comprehensive drainage system. One part of this system is  two water release valves into the Hackensack River. One value will be located in front of the green space between Buildings #2 & 3. The other will be located east of building #3 near the planed "Dog Park"  These values will have a back flow inhibitor which will allow water to flow into the river, but prevent water from storms , or high tides from flowing into the development.  The work being done to achieve  the flooding problem  is to first removing the old, undersized, drainage system with a larger network of piping. Some of the planned improvement for drainage may included replacing the excising storm drains on W.Ft.Lee rd and a possible regrading of Ft. Lee rd itself. Bergen County, which has jurisdiction over the street, recently replace the storm drains and should be in charge of any upgrades on the street. However W. Ft Lee Rd has two low points. One in front of  #253 W.Ft.Lee rd, and at the bend in the road near the old Hess Garage. Even with the new drains, installed by Bergen County, heavy rainfalls and high tides still cause those parts to be unsafe for travel. The developers of River Club is confident that their  improvements, on their site,  will greatly reduce the flooding issues on W. Ft.Lee Rd.
   River Club will have three vehicle entrances to the development. One is the main entrance to the residential section. Another is access to the retail space in Building #4, and a third is to be used for maintenance services and Emergency Vehicles . This third entrance, located near the NYSW RR crossing,  can also be as access by the residents under very limited circumstances.  This third access point is above the current flood plain , but will also be raised as part of the overall site development. With these accesses and with the higher elevation and upgraded drainage system River Club is planning unrestricted travel to and from the new community. 

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Dynamic Compaction

Added soil showing the raise in elevation

Examples of how water settles in the low points of W.Ft.Lee rd

Old drainage line being removed

New drainage system placed for installation 

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