Thursday, January 23, 2020

Board of Education

 On Tuesday-21-January the Bogota Board of Education held its second regular meeting for the month of January. In his Superintendent report Mr. Kennedy said that he interviewed a candidate to become a fourth SLEO Class 3 officer. This would be a part time position to serve as a backup in case of  an absent of one of the current SLEO 3 officers, or to be on duty in any evening activity that may take place in the District. 
  The next order of business was to open the meeting to hear from the candidates looking to fill the open seat on the board. This will fill the seat left vacant of Michael Conners after he was elected to Borough Council. The three candidates were Kristen Meberg, Melissa Giltner and Zabrina Kerns. Each candidate was asked why they are seeking the chance to become a Board Trustee. They also were asked if they had any new ideas they would like to see the Board to concerned.  After the candidates talked, and answer questions from the current members, the Trustees went into private session to discuss the qualifications of each candidate. When the board meeting came back into open session there was a roll call in which each trustee would announce their vote. Ms. Zabrina Kearns received 6 votes. Ms. Kristen Meberg got 2 votes, and Ms. Melissa  Giltner received none. With this Zabrina Kearns was elected as the ninth Trustees on the 2020 Bogota Board of Education. This will be a one year term ending on 31- December-2020.
 All items on the agenda were pasted. Some of the more noteworthy items on the agenda was to approve a presentation sponsored by Hackensack Health systems at Steen School. This will include dental health and hand washing for grades starting at Pre-School to the sixth grade.  And information on the dangers of vaping for the 6th grade. All of these presentations comes at no cost to the Bogota School district.
  The Board also approved the hiring of Wendy Hughes as Library Media Specialist at the High School. Ms Hughes previously served as Choir Director at Bogota High School. Another hiring was Jessica Pobutkiewicz as an Elementary School teacher at Bixby School. 
   The Trustees also approved a resolution to have the Bogota Board of Education participate in Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. This effort is to allow an increase, by the Bogota Public School system, to become active in programs that will make the district a more sustainable environment.  
   The Next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-11-February. The meeting will be held in the High School Cafeteria  located on the second floor of 2 Henry Luthin Pl.  Bogota, NJ. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00p. The Public is invited to attend. 
 The videos of this, and future, Board of Education meeting will be available at : Bogota BoE meeting video.  The meeting will be released once they are processed.  

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
 please contribute  at: donate to Bogota Blog NJ )  

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