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Hall of Fame

    On Friday-15-June was the night for the Bogota Sports  Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony.  Twenty one new members have now been entered into the Bogota Sports Hall of Fame.  The Ceremony started with three special recognitions. First was Michael Lukacs  class of 1991, Mr. Luckacs is being honor for his recent support to Bogota Sports. He aided in restarting the Hall of Fame dinner starting with the renewed ceremonies in 2017. Mr. Luckasc has also help set-up the Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund as well as the Michael Lukacs Scholarships. He has also made a donation to the allow the upgrading of the weight room in the High School.
  The next special recognition was for Les Brown. Mr Brown taught at Bogota High School for 35 years, but is better known as "The Voice of Bogota" for his announcing at the Home Football games and other sorting event for the school. 
  The third special recognition was for Joe Baranello  class of 1978. Mr. Baranello  served as the director of the Bogota Recreation Center Wrestling as well as volunteering to coach other sports for the Recreation Centre's programs. 
   Then the Coaches and Players were inducted into the Hall of Fame. First was John Sterling who is currently teaching at Bogota High School.  While coaching at Bogota Coach Sterling  lead Bogota to 2 Football Olympic Divisions titles, 10 Straight Women's Basketball Olympic Divisions titles with 4 State Section Championships. the 1999  Women's Track & Field Olympic Championship. This was followed by the induction of the 1993 Bogota Men's Bergen Country Basketball Champions. Speaking for the team was their Score keeper and Manger Laurie Zorich  she was able to watch the seasons unfold in front of her as the Buccaneers would dominate some game, find a way to win others, and then were able to come from behind to be the only Group I school to win the Bergen County title twice. And the only other Group I school to win it at all. 
   Two inductees Andrew Telford 1993  and Erica Cesario 1998 were unable to attend the dinner.
 The rest  John Ennis 1975, Glen Bisceglie 1976, Tom Sayer 1987, Adam White 1987, Robert Gomez 1994, Grady Bayersdofer 1996, Rich Carrion 1996, Darrin  Dallorso 1997, Rob Schoener 1997, Pat DeVarso 1998, Shonah Beghyn-Maldonado 1999, Jason Deutch, 2000, Peter Leighton 2000, Joe Hoppe 2001, Marjan Iloski, 2004, and Desere Obregon, 2004  where in turn came forward to recieve their hall of Fame Plaque. 
  There was stories of the work and dedication of the Students in overcoming challenges  of growing up and playing High School sport. Some  Presenters, and Inductees talked about they may not be the most skilled, or biggest, or fastest of players but found the guidance  from Family, Friends, Teachers, and Coaches in Bogota  allowed them to just be their best and never accept anything less. 
 Stories of Marjan Iloski playing with basically a broken bone  in each arm. Rob Schoener who described himself as "very unathletic" playing Varsity Basketball. John Ennis who was challenged to loose weight  in order to become a better player, but more importantly to get in better health. Members of the 1993 Basketball team finding a way to walk onto the court despite one suffer from stomach flu and another from  knee injuries.  But one standout story was about  when Shonah Beghyn-Maldonado played for a different team and suffered a defeat by one Coach Sterling team. The skill and work effort by the Lady Bucs impressed her Father that he wanted her to transfer to Bogota.  With Bogota being a public school only resident could send their Children to school there.  So  Ms. Beghyn-Maldonado Father bought a house in the Borough and move his Family so that she could become apart of the 1998 Championship team.
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