Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bogota Beautiful

  On Wednesday-20-June Bogota Beautiful held their monthly meeting for June. The main focus of this meeting was to discuss the  proposed "Art Box project". This would allow selected local artist to paint utility boxes, and other public structures as a beautification project.  The Bogota Art Boxes would be based on a similar project completed in Hackensack last year.  This was sponsored by the group  ArtsBergen which assists towns in Bergen County  to build the arts and promoted community awareness and cooperation. Bogota Beautiful  is forming a committee to set goals and find locations that can be used for this project. They hope to have guidelines in place by the end of this summer so that the search for artist can start in the Fall of 2018.  Any artist interested will need to submit sample of their work.  Once the Artist and locations have been approved painting could begin in the Spring of 2019.
   Other items discuss was that the Bogota Community Garden now has only 5 of the 20 planting boxes still available for rent.  A 4'x6' planting bed is available for $50.00, two beds may be rented for $75.00 if paid for at the time of signing up.  Anyone wishing to reserve at planter for themselves, or as a group should contact the  Bogota Community Garden  at:   bogotacommunitygarden@gmail.com for information on reserving a bed, and  to learn about the requirement will be to be a part of the garden. 
  A new project that was introduced was to plan on a fundraising event. This was suggested by Betty Buffin  who runs workshops which allows attendees to paint their on wineglasses, or other type of stem ware in a  relaxed communal setting with the processes going to Bogota Beautiful.
   For more information  on volunteering for any Bogota Beautiful project. Or to join Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, and  to donate to help Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at : http://www.bogotabeautiful.com/  or email them at:  bogotabeautiful@gmail.com 
  The next Bogota Beautiful will be on Wednesday 18-July. This will be held at the Kennedy Emergency Services Building located at 69 W. Main St Bogota, NJ starting at 7:30p. And is open to the Public
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