Friday, June 22, 2018

Bixby Class of 2018


On Thursday-21-June the E. Bixby School school in Bogota held its Sixth grade graduation for the Class of 2018.  The ceremony could take place outside in the Bixby Courtyard for the third year in the ago.  The 34 Students proceeded to take their place in front of Family and Friends with Superintendent  Dr. Vincent Varcadipane playing "Friends Forever" on the Guitar.
  Marielys Jimenez lead the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the signing of America The Beautiful. Sixth grade teacher, Yvonne Breiner introduced Bixby Principal Damon Englese then welcomed the audience in celebrating the promotion of the Students as they move on to the next challenges in their Academic Careers. Next Superintendent  Dr.  Vincent Varcadipane addressed the Class of 2018 and congratulated them on their achievements. 
Superintendent Varcadipane congratulated the Students on their Graduation. But for the hard work of them, and all the Students, Teachers , and parents for making Bixby the 43 ranked Middle /Elementary school in the state of New Jersey,He  talked about what chances they have ahead of them when coming to Bogota High School next year. Sixth Grade Teacher Vicki Shepherd then introduce the first Student speaker  from the Sixth Grade Class, Zaara Ahmed, Mariapaula Gargiulo, Shahd Mohamed, and Joshua Gesmundo talked to their Classmates. They recounted the time when they first entered Bixby, and the first encounter with future  Classmate, who then became Friends.  They remember sports, trips, and other activities they shared together. They all wanted to thank the Teachers  for their patience and their Parents for their support. And all will remember the conman bond of growing up at Bixby School  After the speeches the Class of 2018 then sang " The Best Day of my Life"
   Following the song  Principal Englese then presented each Student with their Certificate of Promotion under a Blue and White arc and became graduates of Bixby School for 2018.  One last moment was Sixth grade Parents  Trina Olivo, Antoinette Ramirez, and Debbie Craddock  wanted to thank all the Teachers and Staff at Bixby School for their work and time teaching their Children. They especially thanked the Sixth grade Teachers Yvonne Breiner,  Vicki Shepherd, Gina Lorusso, Brittany Yodice, and Dana Zebrowski for overseeing the Sixth Grade Class as if they were their own Children. The Graduates sang one more song " Can't Stop The Feeling" before walking back through the audience to be greeted by Family and Friends.

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