Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Michael Granquist Sports Award Dinner

  On Monday-11-June the Bogota High School Athletic Dept held their annual Michael Granquist Memorial Sports Award Dinner.  This was held in Speary Gym to honour the Student Athletes from Bogota High School for the year 2017-18. 
   The first Athletes recognized were the ones who were voted on the Patriot  Division  First Team All League teams.  They were 
- Volleyball:  Lisbeth Suarez , Anna Granquist, Briana Lozano, Nylene Mateo, and Julianna Corel 
- Women's Cross Country: Alanah O'Brien, Angelie Japersaud, and Gabrielle Grant
- Men's Cross Country: Jimmy Gutierrez, and Jesus Michel
-Men's Basketball: Dieker Padrino, and Tim Uzor
-Wrestling: Danny Gonzalez, and Tyler Williams
-Women's Softball: Madison Heck, Anna Granquist, Jayleen Arce, and Alyssa Vasquez
Also announced were those given All Bergen County First team honours.  Lisbeth Suarez  in Women's Volleyball and Dieker Padrino in Men's Basketball. Madison heck was also acknowledge for her being Athlete of the week in Woman's Softball.
  Before Football Coach Kevin Bayani gave out the awards to his players, he introduced new head Football Coach Brain Appleton to the Audience. 
   Then each of the the Varsity Sports teams were recognized by their coaches for their play during the school year. Those who achieved their first Varsity letter of their career were present with a "B" with an insignia of their sport on it. Winners of multiple letters received a certificate representing the multi letters they have won.  The Varsity Sports teams for Bogota High School are:
Fall Sports: Football, Volleyball, Cross-Country (both Women's and Men's) Soccer and Cheerleading.
Winter Sports: Basketball (both Women's and Men's) Wrestling, Bowling (both Women's and Men's) and Cheerleading.
Spring Sports: Softball, Baseball, Outdoor Track (both Women's and Men's)

   The final event of the evening was a highlight show of the 2017-18 year in Bogota Sports.

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