Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wildflower Project

  On Saturday 2-June Isabel Bustamante, from Bogota Beautiful and Councilwoman Daniele Fede planted a sample plot of wildflowers on the bank of the Hackensack River in Olsen Park.  This is an experimental phase of Bogota Beautiful's Wildflower Project. They first needed to find a patch of land that was largely free of other vegetation.  Then a spot at the Southern ramp up to the Olsen Park Environmental Walk-way was chosen. This was a bare section just next to the sidewalk up to the walkway and before erosion barricade along the river. They clear off a small piece land removing the rocks and other material in order to get the cleaner earth. A wildflower seed mixture was spread over the clear dirt. After that the two then gently compacted the seeds into the dirt, to prevent the wind blowing away the new seeds. This also allowed the seeds to embed themselves into the soil better. The germination time is about 7 to 10 days , after that time the spot will be examined to see if the planting was successful.
   If the wildflower can grow in this location Bogota Beautiful will ask permission of the Borough to choose other areas for planting. There are 2-3 locations in Olsen Park  that both Ms. Bustamante and Councilwoman Fede agreed on that would be good location to plant more wildflowers on. Bogota Beautiful's goal is to create a number of Wildflower Garden in Olsen Park. From there  they would like to find other location in  Bogota that would be ideal to add other Wildflowers Gardens so the flowers would bring some natural colour to those area. Bogota Beautiful would also like to engage a few volunteers to oversee the perpetration of area that are picked,  along with the planting and upkeep of these new garden.  For an area to be considered it should be either grass and other vegetation free, or can be cleared to the soil easily. The area should have full sun for about 6 hours daily,  and any public areas should in a location so as not to interfere with the Bogota Dept. of Public Works in the grounds upkeep. 
    For more information about volunteering or donating to this project or any Bogota Beautiful other project, as well as joining Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, please visit their website at :  or email them at: 
  The next Bogota Beautiful will be on Wednesday 20-June. This will be held at the Kennedy Emergency Services Building located at 69 W. Main St Bogota, NJ starting at 7:30p. And is open to the Public
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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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