Friday, June 7, 2019

Tax Free Investing

     On Tuesday-4-June The Bogota Public Library hosted a workshop about Tax Free Investing. This was presented Mr. Ed Sweeney of New Horizon Financial Corporation  in Bogota. (disclosure:  New Horizon Financial Corporation is an advertistor on Bogota Blog NJ. This article is not an endorsement of any goods or services.)  Mr. Sweeney talked about how the investing in Municipal Bonds could be of interest to an investor.  He defined a Municipal Bond as: a bond that is issued by a local government  to be used to solely to finance public projects. This could include major projects such as; new roads, schools, airports and seaports, or infrastructure-related repairs. As Mr. Sweeney explained, many Municipal Bonds paid with a semi-annual dividend to the investor. These dividends are mainly free of Federal Taxes, some may also be free of State tax as well.  Mr. Sweeney saidthat the Bondsinterest payment would stay constant for the life of the Bond. He then explained the basic terminology used in describing the function of investing in bonds to educated anyone not fully familiar with purchasing bonds.
  Another part of his presentation was to do a brief comparison of  investing in bonds as opposed to investing in stock, both items have pros and cons. Bonds are mostly a more stable way of investing. While stocks can be influenced  more by current events, both positively and negatively. Stocks could have a higher return in value, while bonds offer a small return, but at steady rate.  Mr. Sweeney also said, that any investing must consider the needs and goal of the person's individual investing potential. What could work for a older person may not be the best plan for younger individuals. A well thought out and developed plan of action needs to be researched and discussed with financial advisors for the best potential outcome.
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