Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bixby Graduation

 On Thursday-20-June the E. Roy Bixby  School in Bogota held their graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019.  This was held in the Bixby Courtyard, as the weather clear, so that the 37 Sixth Grade Students could stand in front of Families and Friends to begin the next part of their Academic career. Bixby Principal Damon Englese welcome the attendees in being a part of their Students success.  Principal Englese said he was delighted to watch these Students grow up in Bixby. He added he was proud of how the Class of 2019 matured in their final year of Elementary School.  Next School Board Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy also congratulated the Students. He let the Students  know that over the past years of working at the High School he has seen many of former Bixby Student perform well there.  Mr. Kennedy said that those following in the footsteps of those who went before them can also thrive in the experiences awaiting from them at Bogota High School. He encourages to fully take advantage of the next chapter of their lives and continued to do the work  that has allowed them to succeed up to now.
    Then four Bixby Students Paige Russell, Jhoana Morales, Daniela Salguero and Emily Palagano told their own stories about attending Bixby. Some talked about attending the same school for their whole academic careers. Other on how they did not know what to expect when enrolling at Bixby later on. All did share the same feeling of becoming part of another family of friends and teachers  growing up together. They also talked how the time of a single school day may have seemed long, but the years leading up to this moment suddenly passed too quickly. They all felt some  sadness at the ending of their time at Bixby. But also glad they have the memories to look back on.
   The Class of 2019 then were lead by Ms.  Ariana Dellosa in singing “Count on Me”. This
was followed by Principal Englese awarding the members of this years Bixby graduating class  with their Certificates of Promotion. When the last certificate was awarded the Bixby Class of 2019 was announced to the Audience. Students assembled in the setting sunlight stood up and accepted the applause from the audience
   Before the last song members of the Bixby PTO  took the time to thank the Principal Englese and all the facility and Staff of Bixby School. They also presented the Sixth Grade teachers Yvonne Breiner, Vicki Shepard, Gina Lorusso, and Chelsea Nagurka with gifts to thank them for their hard work in educating their Children. Ms. Dellosa conducted the graduates on final time with the singing of “ Fireworks” then  they walked out of the Courtyard into their future. 

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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