Saturday, June 22, 2019

Bogota High School Class of 2019

     On Friday -22-June 97 Seniors became the 92th Graduating Class of Bogota High School.  This year the Commencement Ceremony was held in Speary Gym due to weather conditions. An overflow crowd gathered together to witness the Women and Men of the Class of 2019 be awarded their diplomas.  In her First year as High School Principal Ms. Kelly Foley DeCongelio welcomed the Family, friends and other members the Community. The evening started with Angelie Jaipersaud and Ali Salam led the Audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Then Alondra Batista and Christopher God were accompanied by the Bogota High School Concert Band in the singing of the National Anthem.  First year Superintendent of School Damian Kennedy gave his message to the Graduating Seniors. He started  by telling them how he has watch them mature as part of the Administration at Bogota High School.  He cited the poem he has kept in his office.  The poem titled” The Bottom Line” which tells of how anyone can choose the path the they follow, or the future the live. But it must be done by that individual and not rely on other choosing it for them.    
   Then Principal DeCongelio introduced the Salutatorian  speaker Angelie Jaipersaud. Ms. Jaipersaud talked about the support she has had in her life. From the Classmates who wonder and were amazed at all the activities she  was part of. To the Sister and Brother helping her grow up. She thanked her Mother who showed her the strength to face                adversity and overcome it.  And finally her Father who would use the time of Sunday Breakfast to teach her Family the importance of Wisdom and a good moral character.
  Next was a musical selection “ Where the Black Hawk Soars” played by the Bogota Concert band under the Direction of Mr. Barry McCann. This was followed by the Keynote address by Bogota High School Graduate,  Class of 1977 Dr. Michael Fitzgerald. He talked how growing up in a large family meant depending on each other and being responsible for oneself. He also talked about always trying to do the best in what ever  one is doing. This was explain in a State Championship race. Trailing a top contender, and not at peak physically,  he just wanted to finish and get it over with. At one point he heard encouragement from his Father letting him that the only one going to help him win this race is the person running. The younger Michael Fitzgerald then, “ Put my head down and kept running” And soon he would win that race. 
   Next came the Valedictory address by Ali Salam. Mr. Salam talked about how the importance of Friendship. While making friends in school, work, or just where on lives may seem obvious, who and how friends are made will make a difference. Good friends will support and encourage, better friends will explain thing you may not want to hear.  Some friendship could last for years and even decades. Other may only stay for a short time. The quality and the need of friendship does not always match the time involved. The experiences of learning who to make friends in school must now be applied for the rest of one’s life. Being able to treat people they way you want them to treat you is a cornerstone of finding friends that will add to a life. Mr. Salam then gave the Seniors one last homework assignment. That is to use the experience from High School and make new friends that can make yourself better.   After  the speech the Bogota Choir, under the direction of Mr. Eduard Manvelyan  performed “I Hope You Dance”.
  Finally Principal DeCongelio presented the Seniors of the Bogota Class of 2019 to School Board President Lisa Kohles for his approval. With this acceptance, the Women and Men were awarded their Diplomas. After the last diploma was handed out Class President Angelie Jaipersaud lead the Seniors with the Ephebic Oath. Then Ashley Gomez announced that the gift the school by this years Class is a new storage shed to be used for the School’s garden. Ms. Gomez hopes this will allow the High School garden to grow and a place to be enjoyed by the Student and Faculty. Before the singing of the Alma Mater. Ms. Jaipersaud performed one last duty and led her Classmates in moving their tassels from the right to the left.  With that the Bogota Senior Class of 2019 became the latest graduated Class from Bogota High School

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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