Thursday, June 20, 2019

Steen Graduation

On Wednesday-19-June the Lillian M Steen School in Bogota held their graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019.  The Attendees were treated to  Music Teacher Mr. Mike Webb  playing  on his saxophone. Then the 41 Sixth grade  Students proceeded in the David Moore Gym and stood in front of Families and Friends to begin the next part of their Academic career. Iris Sun and Ana Perez lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of National Anthem. Steen Principal Dayle Santoro welcome the attendees in being a part of their Students success. School Board Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy also congratulated the Students. He told then Students  of just some of the experiences awaiting from them at Bogota High School.  Mr. Kennedy mention that the 96 Seniors of the High School Class of 2019  have received over 250 acceptance letters from University and Trade School. Many of the Students have also been awards scholarships and grant money to further their Education.  He encourage to fully take advantage of the next chapter of their lives and continued to do the work  that has allowed them to succeed up to now.
   Emily Cabrera and Rya Jaquez remembered the times of growing up together in Steen, and this was followed by a  video presentation of the past year at Steen School.  Next Nova Bustamante- Kunzer addressed the Parents thanking them for the support which allowed them to grow up.  Then the Graduates descended the stage to present their parent with a single rose in recognition of their support. Allie Racioppi and Nelba Perez talked to their Classmates on what challenges lie ahead and how their time at Steen will be a guide to help them in life.
   The Class of 2019 then were lead by Mr. Webb in singing “A Million Dreams”. This
led into Principal Santoro awarding the members of this years Steen graduating class  with their Certificates of Promotion.
  After the Steen Class of 2019 was announced to the Audience, the Students assembled in the front of the Stage and performed a dance number to “High Hopes” to give their time at Steen School an energetic send off.

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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