Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Teaneck Street Fair

   On Sunday-23-June the second annual Teaneck Street Fair held on Englewood Ave in the West Englewood neighborhood of the Township. The fair was presented by Harmon Concierge & Event Planning and Magic Mike’s Smoked Meats.  In cooperation with the Teaneck Police Dept., the Department Public Works and the Township of Teaneck.  Again this year process from the afternoon will go to support  Teaneck Junior Basketball. This event featured local vendors, games and other activities for families, including a petting zoo. A large number of restaurants and other food outlets offered a choice of dining experiences.  The mainstage was set-up at the intersection at Queen Anne Rd. to provide music and other entertainment during the afternoon. The performances were hosted by DJ Pinnacle who also provided music in between acts. He introduced the performers that showed off the talents of local artist. This including dancing by the Five Star Dance Group, and ensembles like the Madrigal A Cappella Chorus. Solo performances were:  Carlos Aguasvivas, Carlito, Vance Lewis, Jordan Matthews, Justyn Booker “TRUTH” and Warren Brady, who brought the his show to a personal level as he moved around the audience having them join in singing.
   There was also two competition during the second half of the festive. First there was the Demon Beast Eating Challenge. This was an competition to see who could finish that sandwich from Magic Mike’s Smoked Meats.  The object was to finish a Demon Beast  sandwich consisting of: pulled pork, shredded chicken, chopped brisket, smoked Mac n cheese, garlicky kale and sweet bbq sauce all on a brioche bun. There were seven entries who stepped on stage to try their luck. After a few minutes Felix Torres from Lyndhurst, NJ raised his empty plate in victory. Mr. Torres earned a cash prize  and a Demon Beast Champion shirt. 
  The final event of the afternoon was the Bar-B-Que Pit Masters competition. This had three challengers,  they were: One Shot BBQ, Billy Lou’s BBQ, and Magic Mike’s Smoked Meats. They would display their fare in four categories: Best Sauce, Best Mac-n-Cheese, Best Ribs, and  best overall Bar-B-Que. They were judged by Chef Ariel Malone, Winner of Hell’s Kitchen, Yvonne Whitter- Employment & Community Outreach Counselor with Teaneck Schools,  Anthony Chorlton- Bergen County Sheriff, and Dr. Christopher Irving- Teaneck Schools Superintendent.  The panel was first task was to pick the best Barbecue sauce. This was followed by sampling  to see who could create the best Macaroni and Cheese dish. After that came the ultimate test to find out who could cook  the best tasting ribs.  All the judges expressed their delight in being able to try all the entries, and frustration of having to choose only one to be the winner.  When the votes were counted the the winners were:
 For Best Sauce--Billy Lou’s BBQ
 For Best  Mac-n-Cheese-- Billy Lou’s BBQ
 For Best Ribs --One Shot BBQ
 For Best Overall Bar-B-Que, won for the second year in a row, was Billy Lou’s BBQ 
The winners were presented with a cash prize and a smoker trophy.
  The process from this event will go to support Teaneck Junior Basketball.

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                                                      The Demon Beast Challenge

                                                            the Bar-B-Que competition

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