Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Middle School Art Contest

In early April a group called the Creative Bergen NJ Youth started an art contest for Middle School Students in Bergen County.  This is being co-sponsored by  Sustainable Jersey and Creative Bergen.  The theme of the contest is to highlight environmental issues facing the world of today's High School Students.  This event has been organized by Bergen County High School Student Ms. Ashley Park. Ms Park  formed a team of other High School Student from other districts in the county to help promote this event.  Their contest has been named Climate Hope: Art for Change. This will run until Friday-7-May and is  now open to all Middle School Students in Bergen County. The artwork must be themed in one of three areas. They are: Ocean or Arctic Conservation, Land Conservation or Bio-diversity Protection, and Renewable Energy. Each participant is allowed to submit one original work of art.
   Art work must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG file, less than 10 MB. All art work must be on paper or canvas. Artistic media allow includes Acrylic, Oil-pastel & Watercolour painting. Colored pencil, along Paper Collage. Sculptures & other 3-dimensional art work and digitally created art work will not be accepted. Each submission must include a written artist statement between 50 & 150 words explaining the artist creative inspiration and environment message of the submission. This statement should also include how the submission embodies the theme of climate hope. 
   The deadline for submission is on Friday-7-May by 11:59 p. To submit an entry please use the following link: Climate Hope: Art for Change . More information about this contest can be seen on their web-site at: The winners of this contest will be announced during the 2021 Creative Bergen Arts Amble on the weekend of 11, 12, & 13- June. There will be cash prizes for the three top submissions.
  This event was conceived by Ms. Ashley Park with her goal of “providing the opportunity for young students to explore their passion for environmental protection and creatively express their hopes for a safe future in the midst of the climate crisis.” Ms Park stated her reason for this idea began as a “personal journey as an environmental activist started when I saw an image of a turtle deformed by a piece of plastic pollution from the ocean. This jarring experience motivated me to minimize my environmental impact, but more importantly, it taught me that visual art is a powerful tool for communication”. She has been assisted  with this idea by Ms. Christine Key, who is a part of Creative Bergen and Sustainable Jersey, and she has supported the idea of the contest. Ms. Park is also in collaboration with Ms. Margarete Denicola, and Mr. Larry Bogert from Creative Bergen. 

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