Saturday, May 22, 2021

Bogota Borough Council


       On Thursday-20-May the Bogota Borough Council held their second meeting for the Month of May.
     After Public Comments the Council discussed a number of item. One was to hire a fourth Special Law Enforcement Offices-class 3  (SLEO-3) for when the new Bogota Middle School open for the 2021-22 School year.  They also discussed the need to fill the Sergeant's positions, and the need to hire a Lieutenant for the Police Department. 
  When they moved to the consent agenda for consideration, all were passed by unanimous 
vote. Three Ordinances were passed by unanimous vote.  One was to prohibit all classes of businesses that dealing with the sales or production of Cannabis products.  The ordinance about amending the current Borough Code on Zoning Districts was table for further discussion.  Also LaGiraldilla  restaurant on Queen Anne Rd was approved for outdoor dinning.
   When the Council returned from closed session the voted unanimously to hire two new Police Officers. They also held a vote to extend the contract of Borough Administrator Mr. Joe Scarpa. This ended in a tie vote of 3-3. This was not able to be broken by Mayor Kelemen, with the result that Mr. Scarpa's contract with Bogota will end at the end of 2021.
  There next meeting will be on Thursday 3-June. This scheduled to start at 7:30p and be live on zoom. This is open to the public. 
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