Monday, May 17, 2021

Bogota Preschool Logo

   The Bogota Board of Education have announced a Bogota Preschool Program Logo contest. This is open to all members of the community regardless of age, or attachment to the program. 
   The Bogota Preschool Program, established in 2019, is an inclusive early childhood program that aims to provide high-quality preschool education for all three and four year old Bogota students. Our foundation lies in a partnership between the Bogota Public School District  and two private childcare provider centers: Bogart Memorial School and Trinity Lutheran School.   The Preschool Program began with four classrooms, one in Steen School,  two in Bogart Memorial, and one in Trinity Lutheran. There is also the existing Bixby School preschool disabled programIn the 2021-2022 school year we’ll add a classroom at Bixby School,
alongside their existing preschool disabled program. This will bring the total Pre-Schools  Classrooms to eight. The locations are sprinkled throughout Bogota, and are connected together as one program offering the chances for the largest number of Students to take advantage of this early learning. They working to keep our program connected and strong, so when you walk into any of the classrooms.The Bogota Preschool supports the development of the whole child, understanding that children develop through creative play and inquiry, using a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is research-based, promotes active learning and progress for all  children living in Bogota.
  The contest rules are: 
-The Logo must accurately represent the Bogota Preschool Program
-The Logo must include the words BOGOTA PRESCHOOL, individual school names should not appear in the logo.
-The Logo may, but does not have to, include similar elements that are found in
our district logo
-The voting committee will include representatives from Steen, Bixby, BHS, Bogart, & Trinity.
- Your logo may be hand drawn, or digitally created, but only submissions in a JPEG or PNG format will be accepted.
-Submission  must be sent, as an attachment, to
-Deadline for submission is Friday-11- June no later than 4:00p.
If you have any questions or need assistance with your submission, please
email Kathleen Molina at The logo will be used on
communication materials, social media, and school spirit items. By submitting
a logo you agree to allow the Bogota Board of Education to duplicate it and use it as thier own, in any way they see fit.
Addition information can be found at:

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