Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Bogota Board of Education

      On Tuesday-18-May the Bogota Board of Education held their meeting for the month of May. This was a hybrid meeting which had 4 Trustees and the administration being present in the High School Cafeteria, and the other five members of the Board attending the meeting remotely via zoom. There were also a few members of the Public in attendance in person and others watching on zoom.  
   In his report Superintendent Mr. Damien Kennedy announced the last day of School will be Friday-18-June. There will also be a virtual half day on Tuesday- 8-June. This is primary Election Day in New Jersey. Both the Bixby School and the High School are used as polling location and will only be open for that purpose. Superintendent  Kennedy is keeping the district in the Hybrid Schooling for the rest of the year. He added that the District should be all in-person learning to start the 2021-22 school. New Jersey Governor  Mr. Phil Murphy has stated that there should only be in person classroom for the next school year.  
   Superintendent Kennedy then gave the dates for the graduations for each of the three district school. The Sixth Grade class for Bixby School will be on Wednesday-16-June. The Sixth Grade class for Steen  School will be on Thursday-17-June. The Bogota High School Class of 2021 will hold their commencements ceremony on Friday-18-June. This is being scheduled to be held at Feigel Field. Superintendent Kennedy added that he is working with the Principals of both Steen and Bixby to recognized the current Fifth Grade class  for their last year Elementary Schools.
  He finish by announcing that  7 Bogota Seniors would will be graduating High School, and earning an Associates Degree from Bergen Community College this year.  They are: Taylor Cabana, Carmen Cruz, Vanessa DeLeon, Emely Recio, Leonardo Rojas, Shebaz Uddin and
Shenaz Uddin. 
    Then the Trustees moved on to the Agenda.  All items were passed by an unanimous except one.  This item was to post a job description for a Supervisor for Discipline and Student Program in Bogota High School. This position would replace the Vice Principal position in the High School. It would be similar to a Vice Principal position, but only during the school year.  This would cost the District less money than a full time Vice Principal. The Trustees who voted against this said they would prefer the current system in the High School. Superintendent Kennedy agreed to expand the job search to include a replacement Vice Principal.
  Resolution  items of note were retirement of Steen School Teacher Ms. Cynthia Piano effective 3-June-2021. A contract to do maintenance and restoration work on the roofs of Bixby and Steen Schools. And to hire a school nurse to the Summer schooling in July-2021.
  There was also the approval of both the Tenure and Non-Tenure Facility and Staff.    
  The next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-8-June and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. This will be both an in-person and a virtual meeting. This will be held in the Bogota High School Cafeteria and on zoom. All are open to the public. Log-in information will follow.
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